THIS YEAR OBESITY WAS DEEMED A DISEASE BY THE CDC!!!! So what are YOU going to do about it? How can YOU help OUR local communities get healthy? How can YOU make a difference in a child’s life who desperately NEEDS access to regular physical activity? If you are one who cares enough about OUR communities children; their health & well-being, being the most important contributors to the success of their overall wellness & one extremely valuable SOLUTION to our NATIONWIDE HEALTHCARE DEFICIT…then please join Fit to be Kids in SUPPORTING our on-going (year round) FIT ‘N FUN COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROGRAM & see what a difference YOU DO MAKE! Without your SUPPORT, Fit to be Kids could not offer this imperative program to those who need it most; our low-income/at-risk communities families, for free. Through physical activity, nutrition counseling and life coaching programs; our mission is to promote positive reinforcement of change, reduce problematic health risks, increase obesity awareness, and improve overall wellness for families. We encourage you to join our team and help us make a POSITIVE difference in the lives of our future of mankind; our children. ( — Please go to our or click on the picture below to Donate! In advance, thank you for your generosity! In good health, Coach Shae!

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