Dr. Terry Olson, Ph.D., Physical Education Pedagogy Professor


“I have spent the past 13 years promoting and teaching physical education at both the public schools as well as at the university level.  During that time, I have seen countless fitness programs across the US and can confidently say that Fit to be Kids is by far one of the best programs for health and wellness I’ve ever seen.  It offers a unique blend of mind-body-spirit practices not only for the at-risk children it services, but for their families as well.  This outstanding program thinks outside the box and strives to make an even bigger impact by teaming forces with key public organizations to further its curricular impact.  At its core, Fit to be Kids is a program that is built on essential educational benchmarks and standards with regards to physical activity and nutrition and keeps its content current with the latest research and best practices.  It is my professional recommendation that this outstanding program be integrated into ANY community or public school setting across America looking to fight obesity trends in their community.  It is a proven winner and gets my full endorsement!”

Dr. John Charles Loo, Pediatric Cardiologist at Kaiser Permanente-Orange County, CA, F2BK Volunteer


“It is well known that the obesity problem and epidemic in America is of primary importance for the health, safety, and lives of our children and their future.  As a pediatric cardiologist, I see the obvious current effects of obesity causing childhood hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes, amongst affecting many other areas of the body, physically, mentally, and socially.  Fit2BKids is an amazing organization whose heart and soul beats to solve this problem, starting with individuals and affecting a community.  The focus of every aspect of the organization’s efforts aims at benefiting the children it serves.  Every detail of the curriculum, teaching, exercise, relationships, healthy eating, safety, and even fundraising has one sole purpose.  That is to reach, educate, encourage, and catapult this young generation into healthy and hopeful lives.  Having observed many of the sessions, it is pure joy to see the children respond to these opportunities with smiles, laughter, and energy.  This combined with the hard work and sweat through fun activities and teaching, is a wonderful formula for success.  I recommend this organization and its activities wholeheartedly and without reservation. Fit to be Kids is exactly the kind of program I have been waiting for to send my patients to.  I fully support its endeavors and dreams and have full confidence that its impact will be tremendous (it already has!).”

Carla DiCandia, Manager, Health & Ministry Services at Mission Hospital; Chair, SOC Childhood Obesity Task Force


“On behalf of Mission Hospital and the South Orange County Childhood Obesity Prevention Task Force, I’d like to thank you for your ongoing contribution to the implementation of our Strategic Plan. Since you joined the Task Force in 2011, you have launched successful physical activity and nutrition education programs for our underserved community in Lake Forest. Aside from your education and knowledge of the subjects, it is your ongoing enthusiasm and collaborative spirit that I believe have made your program so successful.  Shae, you and Fit to be Kids are a tremendous asset to children and families who would not otherwise have access to professional services such as yours. You are passionate, dedicated and committed to serving our dear neighbors and we just wanted you to know how deeply appreciated you are.”

Valori Liebig, Lomarena Elementary School PTA member, F2BK Volunteer


“As a volunteer with Fit to be Kids and the mother of two boys who love to participate, I have seen first-hand the benefits of this amazing fitness program. Everyone working with Fit to be Kids is an enthusiastic, positive influence on not only the children who show up to the program, but to entire families in our community. Children and their parents are encouraged with fun exercise programs and opportunities to learn about healthy nutrition. Through amazing opportunities like working out at the gym, learning martial arts in a studio, and being taught by leading experts in the field of fitness, Fit to be Kids has truly blessed our community. I fully support Fit to be Kids as a dynamic force in wiping out childhood obesity in South Orange County and eventually the whole United States.”

Stephanie Dey, Kindergarten School Teacher, F2BK Volunteer


“I have worked alongside Shae and have been involved with Fit to Be Kids for over a year. Shae has done a wonderful job creating a valuable program for all families.  She strives to not only educate the community but empower them with the tools they need to make important lifestyle changes. As an educator, I see the need for health education in our community and Shae not only offers the knowledge necessary to encourage change but actual physical training and goals for the entire family.   Fit to Be Kids is a unique program that invites children in to make a difference not only in their own lives but also to positively influence them, in which, ultimately impacts their families lives as well.”

 Andrea Galbreath, Founder of IgIg Wellness; BSW, ACSM PT, AFAA, F2BK Volunteer


“I have been involved with Fit to be Kids for over two years now, and I am so proud to be part of an organization that is bringing such incredible positive change to a demographic of people that can sometimes be difficult to reach.  Through fun physical activities, simple but effective instruction, and non-stop encouragement and support from the founders and their tireless volunteers, I have seen great change in the health status of the children and families that regularly attend the program. Children who started out not being able to complete a simple obstacle course, are now running through the obstacle courses multiple times with increased energy.  Parents are making healthier food choices when shopping for their family and this is demonstrated by weight loss in many members of a family. The participants look forward to meeting on Saturdays to run around and have a great time! They look forward to being healthy.  Fit to be Kids is an invaluable program and provides invaluable service, and it would be a great addition to any program that emphasizes family health and wellness.”

Ray Haizlip, GM at 24 Hour Fitness, Lakeshore Towers Ultra Sport, Irvine


“As a hosting sponsor to Shae Gawlak and Fit to be Kid’s, Inc. it brings me pleasure to provide her a letter of reference and professional observations.   Shae and her Team are professional and respectful partners in the quest to make a positive difference in the lives of our communities, with a special emphasis of the future of mankind; our kid’s.   Fit to be Kid’s is a noteworthy organization that I am proud to be associated with.  Childhood obesity is an epidemic in our country, especially for under privileged children, and Shae is providing the perfect vehicle for our kid’s to make living a healthy way of life, important; she makes it fun for them to exercise.   I have personally seen the elation on the children’s faces running track relays, playing volleyball, rock climbing, swimming or a number of other healthy activities. If you would like me to expound or elucidate please contact me via email.”