Our CORE F2BK Team

Meet the Coaches

Shae Gawlak, Founder, President/CEO, born and raised in Arvada, Colorado, is a certified personal trainer with the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM), is CPR/AED certified, and she has received her BS in Health & Wellness-Nutrition from Kaplan University.  Shae has been in the fitness industry for over twenty years working with children, teens, adults and seniors.  She has performed numerous successful physical fitness boot camps, one-on-one personal training sessions and is highly respected in her field of expertise.  Shae is a single mom of two school age boys, Michael and Lucas,who attend in the Saddleback Valley School District in South Orange County, and she enjoys participating in all of her son’s physical extra-curricular activities.  Her hobbies consist of yoga, swimming, golf, tennis, motocross, snow & water skiing, hiking, and camping.


My head shot1William “Bill” Cook, Co-Founder/Community Assistant Coach, born and raised in Denver, Colorado, is a certified personal trainer with the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) and is CPR/AED certified.  He has been in the fitness industry for over twenty years and has worked with children, teens, adults and seniors.  William’s passion for fitness began while serving six years in the United States Navy working and training with Salvage/Rescue Divers as well as maintaining the ship’s physical readiness as the Command Wide Fitness Coordinator.  William’s military background brings a genuine calisthenic platform to his boot camp classes.  William has a young son, Jaxon, who is an All-Star Center for his football team and is the school wide push-up champion.  William enjoys all outdoor activity as well as enhancing the mind-body connection.



Jennifer head shot thumbnailJennifer Dougherty, Sports Coordinator, has been a Youth Sports Coach and Coordinator for over 20 years.  Ten years ago, she spearheaded a successful Track and Field program in Denver, Colorado that started out with 40 kids and within three year grew to be 450 athletes.  While Jennifer was the Head Coach and Coordinator for Apex Recreation Center in Arvada, CO, she also was the Chair for the Track and Field club of the Colorado Association for Recreational Athletes (CARA) for 2 years.   Along with track and field sports, Jennifer has also been coaching all levels, recreational and competitive, of gymnastics for 15 years.   Jennifer is passionate and dedicated to her profession and truly enjoys the benefits of working with the youth; watching her participants become athletes, accomplishing their goals and observing their sheer dedication to their sports; is what has kept her in this field for so many years.  Jennifer has 2 daughters, Taylor 21 and Payton 18 and a 1 year old grandson, Jaden. Jennifer enjoys golf, hiking, biking and running.


Jessica-head-shotGrowing up in Arvada, Colordao, Jessica Ortiz, CO Community Assistant Coach, has an immense connection to the community and the people who live there.  She has worked with children since she was old enough to babysit, at age 15 years.  Jessica enjoys teaching children new and exciting things and loves the looks on their faces when they solve a problem on their own or witness something amazing.  Jessica has a history of obesity in her family, herself included; and she has worked extremely hard to lose the extra weight. Jessica received her personal training certification so that she could help others achieve their goals.  She believes that teaching children at a young age how to make healthy choices and implementing exercise into their daily lives will create lifelong habits. In turn this will help combat the rising obesity rate in America.   “Fit to be Kids is an amazing program that I am proud to be a part of”, says Jessica. “The passion for helping children and their families is exactly why I love this organization.”


John-head-shotJohn Ortiz, CO Community Head Coach, was born and raised in Arvada and says that it’s a great community and is happy to be a part of it.  John got in to the health and fitness industry after losing a significant amount of weight and realized that he needed to help others make a change as well. He received his personal training certification, and is now a full time trainer. John enjoys working with children and encouraging them to be active and healthy, as it is important to help teach our children that there is more to life than just sitting on the couch playing video games. “I feel that if I can make an impact in their lives I can change their whole future.  By creating healthy habits in young children hopefully they can share their knowledge with their peers and we can get the rising obesity rate under control.”  John enjoys being a part of Fit to be Kids, because it gives him an opportunity to give back to his community by doing something he loves while changing lives.