Welcome to Fit to be Kids!

Fit to be Kids, Inc., a non-profit organization specializing in fitness activities, nutrition counseling and life coping skills for low-income/at-risk and special-needs children and their families in both Orange County, CA and Jefferson County, CO.¬†Our health and wellness curriculum is designed to educate the public and to provide a local resource for reducing health risks of childhood obesity within the community. As an active member of the South Orange County Childhood Obesity Prevention Task Force, through St. Joseph’s Health, Mission Hospital; Fit to be Kids is dedicated to providing physical education and nutrition solutions to under-served communities; as well as elementary schools throughout South Orange County in California and Jefferson County in Colorado,¬†focusing on National Physical Education Standards.Our programs incorporate mind-body-spirit practices that provide children and families with life-long skills. “Through physical activity, nutrition counseling and life coaching programs; our mission is to promote positive reinforcement of change, reduce problematic health risks, increase obesity awareness, and improve overall wellness for families.”